Sunday, June 3, 2018

The cycle of life

The meeting of a male and a female,
Their mutual attraction,
Interpreted as love or lust,
Probably it is a love for lust,
If it is all love, why is there a need for physical closeness,
But let us park this thought for a while,

Hormones inducing the need to mate,
The confluence of a sperm and egg,
A baby is formed,
Again hormones induce the need to protect the offspring,
Trying to give the best for it,
Interpreted as selfless love,
If it was as selfless as the claim,
Then the love should be the same towards every baby, every helpless kid,
But that is another story,

The baby grows, becomes an adult,
Gets into the same process,
Where is the magic here, what is the point...

You might love your kid for his cute cries,
Others loathe it for the same,
A loss in the family is unbearable,
Whereas another's loss is just fate's play,
This cycle is so futile,
I wonder how we don't see it at all,

Stuck in the spokes and revolving with the wheel,
It is difficult to see life is reel,
Moments like this come to pass,
When life seems to reveal it is just a farce,
I don't want to lose a moment such,
Let me try and etch,
A few words of wisdom in my mind,
And share it with all my kind,

Love is not false,
But it isn't like we think,
Loving what you think is your own,
Is a plain selfish move,
Knowing that all are equal,
Living life after life in a sequel,
Having compassion towards all souls,
That is real love,
Love, which is universal,
Universal, because all need it,
All look for it, all are trying to express it,
But the object of love is incorrect,
Resulting in endless suffering,
Bewilderment, confusion,
As to why love didn't return love,
Because, only a perfect reflector can reflect 100%,
And perfect things do not exist,
When love is correctly expressed by loving all,
There is no expectation of return,
Then you have a lot, and you receive some more…
And probably that is the right way to do it.

Friday, May 25, 2018

Diversity and Inclusion explained with Giant Sequoia trees

The sequoia redwood trees in Muir woods, California are some of the tallest trees on planet Earth, reaching up to heights of around 70-100 m, weighing close to 500 tonnes and measuring around 6-7 m in diameter. Generally, to sustain such a massive structure, one would imagine the roots of these trees to be quite long and probing deep into the soil. Surprisingly, this isn't so. The roots are quite shallow, going just a few feet deep.
What's interesting about the redwood tree is that their root system is intertwined with the other redwood trees, literally holding each other up. The trees grow very close together and are dependent on each other for nutrients and support. So, beneath the surface of these humongous, tall, statuesque trees are roots like an army of men who have their arms interlocked, standing and supporting each other. They are preventing the adversaries of life from knocking each other down. They are also making sure there is plenty of nutrients for growth to continue.

Similar is the case with humans. Compared to a lot of species on Earth, humans clearly aren't the fastest, strongest, tallest, but what we are is, we are thinkers, we feel a lot of emotions, we can empathize and this helps us grow, innovate and reach great heights just like the sequoia trees. We are intertwined and interconnected, supportive, independent, yet interdependent as team mates, interlocking with each other and holding each other up. We understand that irrespective of small differences we might have between each other, our collective good lies in embracing this diversity and staying close and inclusive. Our varying thoughts are the nutrition supporting our growth, our intertwined roots are the foundational principles on which we build our empire.

Monday, January 1, 2018

Caught in a quake

It was a pleasant day like any other at Jomsom airport, Nepal. A group of around 30 of us were in Jomsom for a trek to Muktinath and after completing it, we were waiting at the airport to get back to Pokhra from where we would go to Kathmandu before taking a flight back to India. However, it wasn't seeming very good for us as we stood there, flights cancelled due to poor weather conditions. Situated in the Himalayan range, subject to frequent snowstorms in the upper reaches, Jomsom was infamous for its last minute flight cancellations.
As we moved out to find some breakfast and find an alternate means of transport to Pokhra, we felt the ground underneath shake violently. There was a sudden uproar and people came running out of their homes. It was an earthquake, which we later realized was rated at an astonishing 8.7 on the Richter scale.
Before we could figure out how to react, we saw huge boulders, weighing tonnes, roll down towards us from the mountain slopes. It was quite clear that they had enough momentum to crush down the entire town. At that moment, I felt what true helplessness was. With the ground quivering, boulders rushing down and the people around in panic, it was a lesson in humility. No amount of theoretical classes could have prepared me for what I felt that moment. It was a mixture of pure fear, an  overwhelming awe for nature and its power, a humble understanding of the impermanence and shortness of life and how easily it could end. We harm nature in many ways but if nature chose to get back, we would have nowhere to go.
Unable to do much, I prayed. "Give us a chance, Mother Nature, we may still do something worthwhile with our lives", I thought. After a few seconds, the boulders halted, just a few metres away. The quake had stopped. We somehow managed to find ourselves a mini van to Pokhra.
After travelling for about 10 hours amidst several mountain ranges, alongside deep gorges and landslides every few minutes of the way, we reached Pokhra at midnight.
Nothing bonds people like being stuck together in crisis. By the time we reached Pokhra and later travelled down to Kathmandu, we faced lot of difficulties. There was no electricity anywhere, food was getting scarce. To add to this, we saw a lot of buildings totally destroyed. People were sleeping on the roads. There was confusion all around and our morals were down. But we shared our resources, helped each other and somehow made it back home. This was indeed a great lesson for life.

Sunday, December 24, 2017

Parallel universe

In a parallel universe, maybe, right now, we are cutting cake, singing birthday songs and having dinner together...!!!

Monday, December 18, 2017

Secret Santa!

When I was younger, I would wait,
By the window every Christmas night,
Hoping for Santa Claus to fly by,
Maybe he would bring me gifts,
As portrayed in cartoons and told in tales,
But I never saw as much as a flicker in the sky,
‘You need to put up a Christmas tree’, People said,
And I immediately made and put it up,
‘Probably Santa doesn’t go to non-religious homes’,
I made it a habit of visiting a Church every Christmas,
Still no sign of Santa Claus,
It was then I decided to help my own cause,
I made gifts for my parents and put it under the Christmas tree,
In the morning, I was woken up by my mother’s sweet kiss,
‘Looks like a tiny Santa has been around the house after all’,
That day it dawned on me,
Whether Santa comes with his gifts or not, I am not sure,
But there is a Santa, part and parcel of our soul,
Awaken it, spread some cheer,
Bringing happiness to those far and near,
May the world get a little kinder because you were here,
Merry Christmas to you and your peers!

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

We breathed heavily,
Lying next to each other on the floor,
We were never satisfied with one round,
It was too easy and too usual,
Both of us liked it hard and intense,
It was almost a ritual,
It had to be done everyday, we just had to,
Probably we were addicted to the high it gave us,
As muscles flexed, sweat rolled down our bodies,
Till every inch of the body was on fire,
Starting slow and steadily building the pace,
Only to reach the crescendo of possibilities,
As we lay there, pulses slowing down,
Peace at the thought of a task well done,

"Well done guys", called out the trainer,
"See you tomorrow"...

We rose and left our own ways.....

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Etched rocks

Unable to get back to you since the day you left with someone else,
Unable to get you out of my thoughts,
I think of you time and again,
The memories fresh in my mind,

These are not like castles on a beach, which can be erased by time,
These are like inscriptions on a stone that shall stay forever,
Unless I change my focus and look elsewhere,
The stone and the inscriptions will etch my heart,
Like sea water on beach rocks.

The salt may damage the rocks slowly,
Yet the rocks love to bathe in the light froth of the waves,
So do I let myself be washed away,
Into memories of bliss.

You were not someone else, you were a part of me,
And when you left, you took that part with you....