Wednesday, November 22, 2017

We breathed heavily,
Lying next to each other on the floor,
We were never satisfied with one round,
It was too easy and too usual,
Both of us liked it hard and intense,
It was almost a ritual,
It had to be done everyday, we just had to,
Probably we were addicted to the high it gave us,
As muscles flexed, sweat rolled down our bodies,
Till every inch of the body was on fire,
Starting slow and steadily building the pace,
Only to reach the crescendo of possibilities,
As we lay there, pulses slowing down,
Peace at the thought of a task well done,

"Well done guys", called out the trainer,
"See you tomorrow"...

We rose and left our own ways.....

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Etched rocks

Unable to get back to you since the day you left with someone else,
Unable to get you out of my thoughts,
I think of you time and again,
The memories fresh in my mind,

These are not like castles on a beach, which can be erased by time,
These are like inscriptions on a stone that shall stay forever,
Unless I change my focus and look elsewhere,
The stone and the inscriptions will etch my heart,
Like sea water on beach rocks.

The salt may damage the rocks slowly,
Yet the rocks love to bathe in the light froth of the waves,
So do I let myself be washed away,
Into memories of bliss.

You were not someone else, you were a part of me,
And when you left, you took that part with you....

Monday, October 9, 2017

Leave behind a note if you read this...

For tiny, aspiring bloggers like me, the readers are all the inspiration... It is extremely soothing to know that someone, somewhere has read my post and probably shares at least a small emotional connect... Would you be so kind to leave a comment/note/message about what you read and how you like it....

Friday, September 15, 2017

Tiny tales

When two people want to be close, no distance is far enough... When two people want to separate, no closeness is near enough...

Wednesday, August 16, 2017

Stay away...

Stay away,
Unless you are sure you want an independent girl,
Who doesn’t need your decisions,
Only your suggestions, thoughts and opinions.

Stay away,
Unless you are looking for an equal, a best friend and a partner,
Not someone to be dominated upon or to execute your plans.

Stay away,
Unless you are mature enough to handle honest viewpoints,
Sometimes sweet, sometimes biting, no sugarcoats.

Stay away,
Unless you are ambitious and can appreciate ambitions of others too,
Unless you want to change the world in some way, even better if I could help you do so.

Stay away,
Unless you appreciate trust, loyalty and honesty,
Unless you can give your 100% on these and expect the same in return.

Stay away,
Unless you want sleepless nights of passionate conversations on everything from life to death,
And sometimes, just sleepless nights of passion.

Stay away,
Unless you want to be showered with extreme love, possessiveness and obsession,
Bordering on jealousy,
And can return the favour.

Stay away,
Unless you want to be dragged to extreme locations of unseen beauty, wild explorations,
Discovery of nature and rediscovery of the self.

If you are looking for just a homemaker, caretaker, a mother to your children,
Stay away.

Unless you understand you are looking at a person with dreams, ambitions, hopes, likes and dislikes of her own,
Stay away.

Stay away,
Unless you want to know what a seemingly unflustered person is really like when in love.

If you think these are the ravings of a romantic poet,
Which could be worked out later on,
Stay away.

Stay away,
Unless you can love as singularly, passionately, tenaciously and with dedication.

Unless you are here to stay,

Stay away.

Sunday, July 23, 2017


Do miracles really exist?

Have heard so much about them,
Read about them in stories,
Watched in movies,
Seen in a few people's life as well...
But are they real,
Or they plain illusions of making the present seem out of league,
Only to return to normal or worse very soon,
But on a different level, miracles might exist,
Just because there were great men,
Men of courage and valour,
Who chose to not give up in the face of adversity,
But to face it and turn it favourable,
Am I one such?
Are you?

Whose fault is it?

Is it my fault?
That my horoscope keeps shifting its patterns,
Handled by different people, in different ways,
It is a walking, talkng human you just denied,
For something so shifty in its ways,
What about the promise you made,
You are breaking it for something so ungrounded,
It isn't fair,
I was once denied my happiness for exactly the opposite of what u believe in right now,
Whose fault is it?
Maybe Krishna's...
But He has given up on me too...
Probably I never mattered to Him,
But He was all I cared for,
I thought He always cared,
Guided me towards what is right,
But that wasn't so...
Why was I even born, why am I still alive!