Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Tell someone that you admire

For a very long time, i have been practising this policy. If i lyk something or someone, I jus go and tell them straight... not caring for what they or others might be led to think about me. It jus makes me feel good to think that i have made someone's day. Admiration creates a positive flow of energy, that reaches not only the receiver but also engulfs the perpetrator.We admire someone when we feel that they are a better version of what we want to be. It feels so good people who think similar to us exist, who have actually pioneered our thoughts and feelings.
But sometimes, the situation turns bad when the person you admire thinks you are trying to flatter him/her (there are a few people). Further worse when it is assumed that you are doing all this jus to get some work done from the person concerned. Though there are people doing such things, one should be able to distinguish between heartfelt admiration and flattery.
Sometimes, it is tagged as flirting. I wonder how people can get so blasphemous to the point of misinterpreting (knowingly or unknowingly), admiration as flirting. Most of the times, they jus don't understand.
I shall jus continue practising my policy, afterall true happiness is not about we being happy. It is when someone else is happy because of us.


  1. // the person you admire thinks you are trying to flatter him/her (there are a few people)// who's dat??

  2. There are a few things that need to be said:
    1. Admiration is one of the few 'types of communications' which can be one sided! The person you admire need not be in the communication channel at all and the thought in your head would still reach the person (believe me!)
    2. There are instances when what you said is actually true, specially when the admiration is for someone at a little higher position that yourself. In such a situation the best thing to do is to be as subtle as possible but at the same time very genuine. Trust me, a genuine compliment is never misunderstood. Never.
    3. Happiness could be in solitude as well, right? (I'm not sure though).
    Keep loving everyone around you, that's the most genuine thing to do!