Friday, October 9, 2009

The Flower

It was a beautiful spring morning. A small girl walked into a colourful garden, filled with multi-hued blossoms, outlined by the fresh grass, sweet smell filling the air, the melodious chirping of birds adding a background score, making the place look and feel enchanted. The girl was high in her spirits. She danced around the garden, admiring every flower she came across... each was unique and inspiring, the amazing creations of mother nature.
As she strolled along, one flower caught her attention. It was truly unique in its shades. Something made it stand out among the rest. This made her curious to go close and feel its texture. She wanted to examine it close, to find out what gave it its uniqueness.
She walked upto the flower and looked close at it. It bounced slightly in the wind, tantalising her with its cheerful freshness and intriguing colours. She put out an innocent finger to feel it and then... a thorn that had been hiding somewhere till then popped out and pricked her. Ahhh! The pain immediately brought tears to her eyes. A drop of blood oozed out from the pricked spot and fell onto the plant. She looked up at the flower and said, "I just wanted to feel your texture, why did you prick me? Did you think that I would pluck you off your mother plant and take you with me or something. That is not my aim, I would never let you wither and go waste. I want you to remain here and spread the joy of your beauty all around."
There was a slight breeze and the flower seemed to droop a little. As it did, a dewdrop hiding inside the flower came out and fell at the girl's feet. The girl looked at the dewdrop sparkling on her foot in the sunlight. She again put out her hand to feel the flower. This time no thorn pricked her, instead the flower seemed to open up brighter and smile at her.
She too smiled back and then left the place.

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