Thursday, November 26, 2009

One year since a disaster...

Its been a year since the attack took place in Mumbai... the suddeness of that attack left us all thinking about the status of our security... so who is to be blamed? Is it our Government, the Pakistani Government, the Terrorists, the Indian navy???? well, i sincerely feel the problem lies with us.. yes each one of us... surprised.. i'll tell you how..
Jus think and answer this question... how many times have you laughed recently, a true laugh from ur heart..? how many times did you smile, a smile that reached your eyes? how many times did you engage in some activity with passion? how many times did you do something which gave you real happiness? how many people have felt happy because you're in their life? did you actually make a positive difference to anyone's life in the recent past? Scan your thoughts and tell me whether you think more of positive thoughts or negative ones?
I'm sure most of the people around will have unsatisfactory answers to the above questions...
There's a serious problem with our lifestyle, we care for nothing and no one, we just think of the work we have, our ambitions, our problems, nothin else.. we are so wrapped in ourselves to even think of others- our family, our friends, our near and dear ones... leave alone the society and the nation...
There's no spirit of living anywhere... its only survival of the fittest... a rat race where all of us are competing... some of us without even realising why we are here and some are left wondering whether they even belong to this world...
so how does all this relate to the title of this post???( i hear you asking:) )
wat do you when u r irritated on a day? u show that irritation towards someone else.. and that someone to somebody else..
This continues as a reaction.. and as you might have read in thermodynamics(even if you haven't), the disorder in the universe keeps increasing.. and hence all the anger keeps adding up and then when its too much it jus shows up somewhere..
you are wondering wat i'm probably blabbering, but that's how it is.. the earth, nature and the whole universe perform and respond to our emotions through events...:)
You might have noticed that positive things happen to you when you're happy and wen u r already angry, something keeps happening to make it worse...
So, the anger and contempt and indifference we have built around us, that which surrounds us like a second skin is what is making the world respond to us with hatred...
What do we do about it..? I'm definitely not going to preach about humanity and compassion... We need a renaissance, a change within ourselves, a change in our attitude, our perception, the way we look at the world...
We need more positivity in our thinking... passion and purpose for all our actions... love towards all our fellow beings.. admiration towards nature...and contentment in our heart..........
If each one of us were to follow this, all hatred would vanish and the world would be a much better place to live in...


  1. Nice post!True,we are all self varies a lot ..but thats how life is..
    cant change i guess..we can minimize it..
    human survival based on self preservation..But we can sure do our duties ,live life with passion,do our bit..after all the world be a better place with little more love..we are born with a greater purpose ,have to return back to the world atleast a part of whatwe took out of it,in whatever way we can..

  2. I think basically people need to know themselves. There are very few people around who have a clear idea as to what they are here for. It's very unfortunate that most of us are turning self-centred. It's high time we act and show some compassion towards fellow beings irrespective of any sort of discrimination.

  3. Yes, positive thinking gives the potential to humans to change the course of nature. Did anyone read Dan Brown's, The lost symbol? :) Anyways, Cheers Rachana! Good one!

  4. the way u put it is very nice.. :-) domino effect.. :-)
    i feel if we become aware of this phenomenon, it'll be easier and more natural to be positive about life..

  5. it makes us think. . .but being good to all ???. . take my word. .it wont work. .be socialable to all. . trust few. .