Sunday, July 18, 2010

I Miss You

I stand at the doorstep,
Looking at the path that directed you,
Away from me…
When I open the window every morning,
I feel a whiff of your breath,
It’s the cool, spring breeze…
I feel your touch on my skin,
When I walk in the garden,
Oh! Its only a new blossom…
When I walk down the road,
I hear the ringing of your laughter,
Its just the distant chime of Church bells…
I sleep not at night, I feel cold,
No expensive quilt can replace the warmth,
Of your arms around me,
I eat not, I am ever hungry,
For your passionate talks at the table,
I drink not, I remain thirsty,
For your honeysweet kisses, On my lips….
I live not, I just survive,
For you took my soul with you,
When you went down that path,
Away from me…


  1. Wonderful girl! But I have a question. What/Who inspires you to write these poems? ;) Just curious. :)