Tuesday, July 27, 2010


I see not the red sunrise,
I see not the lush greens,
The lily is drained of its blue,
I see no colour or hue,
For I am colour-blind,
When my friends rush,
To view the sky in its blush,
When people move out and flock,
To behold the angel’s arch,
Up in the sky, “It looks so cute”,
I feel “God’s so brute”
“The world’s a splash of colours”, they say,
“Can you describe red, blue and grey?”
For the blind man on the road they care,
“This colour doesn’t suit you”, they declare,
I feel caught in fate’s snare…
I may fail to see the shades in clothes,
And the ravishing hues of nature’s furore,
Though I see the forms all black & white,
I fail not to realise that sight,
Is beyond the tint on the dress we wear,
Expressions, moods, a look, a glare,
In gratitude, “Oh God”, I bow,
You made me realise the worth,
Of an eye to see and a heart to touch.

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