Friday, January 28, 2011

My heart runs to you...

My heart runs to you,
It always shall,
Like the river seeking the ocean,
Like the bird seeking its nest,
Like the roots seeking water,
Like the bee seeking a flower,
Like a human seeking his soul…

You smiled at me once,
That keeps me smiling even today,
You spoke to me once,
That keeps my heart still beating,
The memory of you next to me,
Keeps me breathing and alive today...

My heart stays with you,
It stays with me not,
Anyone around me,
I see you in them,
Definitely none as good, I tell myself,
Across the distances, my heart,
My heart, it always runs to you…
I sit in a lecture, and I ponder,
This guy can’t make a soul listen, I wonder,
How could you sway an entire audience,
With your presence???
That was a fateful day,
When I was among those people,
Not swayed, but swept off my feet,
I remain still the same way,
Tousled and tangled, my feet are off the ground,
Give me back my heart, you stole it,
Honestly, it just went with you, I know it…
The breeze that meets you at your window,
Every raindrop falling on you,
The goodwill that surrounds you,
The flower that smiles at you,
The passion that sets you ablaze,
Every one of these is an expression of my love,
My heart stays with you,
It comes back to me not…

Saturday, January 1, 2011

A mother's flutter

The mother-to-be was worried and flustered,
All around the place she fluttered,
‘Oh! I have to feed the kids in my womb,
Or in there, it’ll become their tomb,’
“I’ll do something my dears,
Put to rest all your fears.”

Through a window, she saw a well-lit house,
There a man stretched happily on a couch,
“He may help me,” she had a hunch,
She approached him straight, but ‘Punch!!!’
Her head swooned in agony and pain,
She thought she was going to faint,
Still she fought to try and recover,
She was already within his arm’s cover,
He made an effort towards another assault,
She gathered her strength and simply took off,
Far, far away she went from him,
Between gasps of breath her face was grim,
“Is it wrong, Oh God! To feed my kids?
The people out there are so acrid,
Am I asking for all their food?
Just striving for a mouthful.
But, God, I shall not cease,
Only after I feed my kids will I attain peace.”

Saying so, again she went,
Prying around for fresh food scent,
Not far away did she find,
A baby with its cup of grind,
She went up to it at full force,
Sucked away at its rosy toes,
“Waaaa!!!” It cried, the mother turned,
“Oh my darling!, what happened?”
She saw me drinking her baby’s blood,
Her anger came rushing in full flood,
Before she could hit me, I ran,
To make my nest and lay my clan,
“Mosquitoes are simply the worst”,
She did not understand another mother’s thirst…