Friday, April 15, 2011

Attitude Problem???!!!

I heard the term 'Attitude problem' for the first time in my first year at college...
And that too directed at me... Wondered for long what that could mean... When I asked one of my friends, she laughed and said I was nowhere close to having an attitude problem and just asked me to chuck the matter...
Now, in my final year, it comes back to haunt me... this time in a much worse way... someone having an attitude problem with me...!!!
My first request: plz someone tell me what does this attitude problem mean?
Next, before you conclude that someone doesn't understand your view point, first try explaining it to them..!
Thirdly, don't give all fancy dialogues one day that friendships will continue forever and some other day blatantly declare that its over... before you make huge statements like the former, make sure you really will mean them forever... lest you hurt someone...(inevitably that's what you end up doing)...
Finally, let me make a disclaimer: This post is not intended for anyone.. its just an outlet for myself...(Apparently, I'm supposed to be the one always hurting ppl!!!)