Saturday, April 9, 2011

One Last Wish...

Every time you wish me a longer life,
Every time you wish me dead,
Only thing that has been true,
Am already dying…
As talks of 2012 loom,
The world worrying about an impending doom,
I smile because I just know,
Am already dying…
Caught in science’s shackles,
People talk about God’s miracles,
I feel the cunning grasp of death’s tentacles,
Am already dying…
A friend to laugh with,
A friend to scold,
A friend to shed a tear, once I floor,
Am already dying…
The moments, minutes, hours and days,
Our conversations taking shape,
Etched in my mind, I shall take,
Those memories with me to the rake,
Am already dying…
Adieu, I bid,
Ask for one last wish,
In my heart you shall be,
Until fire reigns its spree,
But your heart shall live,
Let not sorrow claim its kill,
Burden not the poor heart,
Memories of a rotten past,
Live a life that compensates,
For what I missed; contemplate,
The small heart with its alcove,
Make it a tremendous treasure trove,
Hear from me, “Life’s worth Living”,
It owes you not a single farthing,
Live it down, right to the last,
No regrets; Alas!
Am already dying…

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