Friday, April 8, 2011


You leave me pondering in the dark,
Alone I ruminate over,
The few moments together,
You and me…
The world around me is abuzz,
With activities several,
Energy up thrust,
Passions ablaze,
Rivalry savage,
Warmth gone,
I stay cold,
Only embers of once a great fire remain,
You and me…
I resign from this myriad world,
Retire into my cold haven,
Meaningless even the minimum activities seem,
Without your presence,
To promote liveliness,
Life blurs,
Into hazy horizons,
Framed by the shades of memories,
Like ghosts from the past,
Outlining the sunset over my life,
Twilight turns to dusk,
I ponder alone into the dark…


  1. Then I end up loving solitude :) ...!

  2. Varun, I actually think you got carried away by pondering into the dark, thinkin of sitting late into the night ;)