Thursday, July 14, 2011

My Captain Planet

His poised self,
Cool and controlled,
Determination and unbendable will,
The long lines of his solid physique,
I lean against in times of frill,
He, the nourisher, the provider,
The source and support of all life,
For resources he has no dearth,
He is Earth.

Under his cool composure,
Burns the fire of passion,
The warmth spreads in me,,
Every vein and nerve,
His constructive fury,
Against any injustice, bordering danger, his actions,
Powered by fireful emotions,
His moulding smolder shall never tire,
He is Fire.

His chimeful speech,
Rings in my ears,
Bright and cheerful face,
His light-footed swift pace,
Bouncing along from flower to flower,
The cool spring breeze,
Quick intelligence and multiple talents,
He is the breath that feeds my soul,
He is wind.

His crystal-like eyes,
Sharp, piercing and reflecting,
I see in him the truth,
The pure mirror reflects,
He quenches the thirst of my parched heart,
The reliever of all diseases,
The rejuvenator of the world,
Free from sins,
He steals my love, the honest looter,
He is Water.

The vital force of life,
He is the power to struggle and strive,
Through him life thrives,
Compassion he spreads,
He is the sunshine,
Goodness he inspires,
Positivity he personifies,
The unknown, unseen living force,
In me and every living soul,
He is Heart.

Made of five elements,
The synergy overpowers singularity,
Each one bestowing their best,
He, in combination, becomes master of them all,
He is the ruler, He is supreme.

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  1. :) beautifully written... makes me think a lot.. :)