Monday, April 16, 2012

Earth and Water

I am water,
The life giver,
The soul,
The energy,
The vitality,
I move around,
No form, no barrier,
I can feed the world,
I can feed on it,
Swallow it all in one sweep…

You are the earth,
The substance giver,
The body,
The form,
The virility,
You remain fixed,
Fixed in form and shape,
You sustain the world,
Holding it or,
Finishing it all in one shake…

I felt I was free,
In no one’s control,
Until I met you and broke my flow,
You presented a chasm in my path,
And I felt myself drowning into the clot,
I realised then you gave me form,
If you wished, you could hold me calm,
You give me shape,
And keep me safe.

You are the rock,
I am the wave,
The only thing that could weather you...
I can reach you where no one can,
Seep into your depths,
And inspire,
Love, warmth, kindness and life
Where none other can dream of…

Without me, your existence is parched,
It is when I come down from the sky,
Your virility combines,
With my vitality,
The moment we merge,
I touch you, you absorb me,
I become formless, I’m in you,
All life delights at the warm scent,
The perfume of our union…
Life is born,
Together we prosper,
And induce prosperity…