Thursday, February 21, 2013

Happiness...!!! ??? !!!

What's the goal of life?

Career, money, luxury?
Fame, Recognition, Power?
Love, Relationship, successful marriage?
Self-satisfaction, Contentment?

All these are things or a state of being.... But finally, we live by the emotions we feel or the emotions we display...
So, what is the goal of life in terms of emotion?
Single-mindedly, it is Happiness, hands-down.... 

If happiness is the ultimate goal of life, and happiness is just our perception of things, then most of the people (most, because, not all have yet learnt the art of perception) should be happy…
It is obvious that it is not so. I feel there is something basically wrong…

At this point, one of friends gave me an enlightening and valid point…
“Whose happiness is what matters… And that is where most people make a mistake”
Brilliant, yes… We can’t live our life by other’s definition… Then at every point, there’ll be a clash on whose happiness we’re trying to achieve…
But then to what extent can we pursue our own happiness? Specially if it is in conflict with the definition of people whom we care for?

Let me give an example:

It is a festival. Mom says we need to go to the temple. But there’s a special programme on TV you want to watch. What will you do? You might think it is a small thing and simply leave with your mom… or she might think it is a small issue and let you stay… But what will you do if this happens over a long period of time, say everyday… or if the magnitude of choices is several orders greater.. like your career or your life itself….?!

The point I’m trying to make is, how much do we let other’s influence our definition of happiness? Or do we even let them influence it at all? If we do that, is it selfish? If it is so, is it fine to be selfish?

Here, I feel, such behaviour is not selfishness, but rather an attempt at freeing ourselves from the hassles of expectations. It feels a lot better to be alone.

But the next question is, what if there are people you owe things to? Like your mom, dad, friends? To what extent do you try and make them happy? Basically, do you owe them anything at all? These are difficult questions.
Yes, your parents did do a lot for you… But did they do it for you, or because it gave them contentment and satisfaction (ultimately, happiness?) in doing those things for you? So, then do you still OWE them things? Or is it an illusion?

Or is the world itself an illusion, or MAYA…? And we are folks caught in the web, spun by our own ignorance, strengthened by our lack of perception?

Maybe, a few rays of light are filtering down to me… I wish they would enlighten enough to know that there’s a lot more outside the web I’ve spun around me…