Saturday, June 15, 2013


The birds aflew, a bright sunrise,
Amidst the sound of animal cries,
Buds, a bunch, blossomed slight,
Hoping to spread their fragrance wide.

On the topmost branch of the tree,
Was a crowd of butterfly and bee,
For the new bloomed bunch,
Was quite a lunch.

Down came the showers,
Making the flowers sad and averse,
No more would anybody care,
Suppressed will be their scent and flare.

One of them still smiled,
This is not it, it chimed,
I am sure all this is a scheme,
I have a purpose yet to screen.

Down came the rain, harder and harder,
All of the bunch became sadder,
The one still believed,
A path somewhere would lead.

‘Tik!’ the stem broke,
Two flowers fell down the slope,
One held on to the lower branch,
But the one fell right down on the ranch.

The flower stuck on the lower branch chided,
‘Your hope is a concept, blinded’,
The one on the path replied back,
‘I’m sad, but haven’t lost track.’

Hours went past, a small girl came near the tree,
‘What a beautiful flower!, I’ll take you with me’
So went the flower home,
And adorned the Lord’s crown.

Situations in life come by,
When we feel quite dry,
All is well if we realise,

A fall is necessary for a rise.