Sunday, June 28, 2015

A Humble Prayer

You are all-attractive,
The Darling of all,
The Beloved of the Gopis,
The Light of the Universe.

You play the flute,
The music induces love in all hearts,
All the beings surround You in ecstasy,
Taking pleasure in Your presence.

You dance with the Gopis,
The mystical Rasaleela,
You are ever-present with each one of Your lovers,
Pleasing and Enjoying.

Oh Lord! Why then should such a trial befall me?
The love in my heart,
The source which is You,
The object which is him,
It was all with Your permission,
Please give us a chance,
To serve You together,
I have realized the power of Maya,
But let me keep this one promise,
Oh Lord! What is in this material world?!
Let us progress together spiritually,
Bless us to get this one chance,
Bless us with clarity of thought,
Bless us with strength of heart,
Bless us with Your devotional chant,
Bless us to remember You always and serve You,
Get us out of these material senses and let us see You,
Your glorious form, Your charismatic presence,
Oh Lord! We are helpless mere mortals,
If not You, there is none for us,
But if You are with us, we need none other,
Bless us, Oh Lord! With everlasting peace,
Give us this chance and release,

From this mortal pain and suffering.

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