Sunday, June 21, 2015

Flames of Love

Love is like fire.

The enclosing hug of a lover,
Like the warmth of fire on a winter night,
The passionate kisses and lustful lovemaking,
Is the all-consuming sacrificial fire,
The nurturing care of a parent,
Like the controlled fire on a stove top,
When things turn sour,
The resulting hatred,
Intense and destructive as the forest fire,
Swallowing everything as it goes…

All types of fire end in embers,
Smoking, slowly-extinguishing,
Keeping the memory of the heat within,
But embers can light candles too,
Candles that transform fire to light,
Love to Hope.
A thousand candles may be lit, but the fire never decreases,
A lot of hope can be spread, love ever increases,
Just a change of focus, from the dying embers,

To the waiting candle…

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