Sunday, September 25, 2016

Why doesn't the well dry up?

Why doesn't the well of emotions dry up?

In spite of knowing the pain of putting too much trust,
Too much love and too much hope,
The well of emotions is like a self-renewing well,
That keeps getting refilled whatever be the amount of water drawn out,
The well has seen wastage of its water,
Misuse and ill treatment,
Its waters are used not only by the good and deserving,
Miscreants and crooks also have access,
The well still goes on,
Doesn't prevent anyone from gaining access to its resources,
Unable to choose the people who have access to it,
The well might wish to dry itself up,
But there is an undying source of water,
That fills it up every time there is a lowering in level,
What should the well do,

Why doesn't it just dry up!!!

Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mai Kisi Ki Khwahish Nahin, Zaroorat Banna Chahti Hoon (I want not to be someone's desire, but their need)

It is a precarious role,
To be someone’s desire,
For desires surge and go down,
You may be able to lead them onto unused paths,
You may weave a magic web around,
You might keep them intoxicated in your thoughts,
You may exert your influence,
You might be pampered, you might be held in awe,
You might be worshipped, you might be always looked for,
But desires are always precarious.

You need to be just out of reach,
Too way ahead might turn them down in hopelessness,
Too close might turn them off in victory,
And above all, you aren’t a thing,
Don’t you have wishes of your own?
How long could you be someone’s desire and hold your fort,
Your insecurity of losing your charm forcing you to walk head held high,
Suppressing your own emotional needs,
There’s a point when everybody needs a landing ground,
A beloved’s arms to run into when you feel down,
The need to love truly and be loved in return,
Come what may, rain or sun,
It might be fanciful to be everybody’s desired,
But any day it is worthier to be just one’s dear.


(A thought that sprang in my mind after watching Ae Dil Hai Mushkil song - There is a single line dialogue which is just the reverse of the essence of this post) #Bulleya

Thursday, September 15, 2016

Not easy

It is not easy,
To love someone and to lose,
It is not fair,
To love someone who has a special someone else,
It is not feasible,
To keep the pain down, act as if it is nothing,
It is quite impossible,
To not let the love show through when I think of your face,
There must be a way out,
Of this apparent dead end,
Not just a dead end, it is a dead corner,
A steel box,
No way out I see, back or forth,
I sit inside, crying, howling,
Calling out for help,
Soon I realize nobody is coming,
My howls become whimpers,
Whimpers of pain and desperation,
I get tired and fall asleep,
I awake in a while,
To find the box still around,
It drives me crazy,
I cry again,
I cry till it my energy drains,
My heart numbs out,
I quietly reminisce on the past,
And then I see your face,

It starts all over…

Friday, September 9, 2016

Perils of being passionate

It is a pain to be passionate,
Passionate in your feelings, thoughts and deeds,
To feel things so well and so deep,
It hurts to even fathom the depth,
Even more so when there is no one to understand,
The level to which you can think and feel,
Hardly do people perceive,
A passionate person’s energy and zeal,
It is not just the enthusiasm to do a job,
It is also when you come across someone’s sob,
When you empathize so much with their gloom,
That you take it to be your own,
When you promise to finish a task,
You move mountains to make it last,
When there is a beautiful conversation,
You could swear it created a sensation,
In that deep ocean of your mind,
You hate unfinished talks,
They haunt you and you re-analyze every word,
Your creative mind comes up with infinite possibilities,
Of what could have been and might it have meant,
Did they really feel so or did you overthink?
Thoughts run at a billion per second,
The world is too slow, fake and unfeeling,
Nobody cares for your deep thoughts unreeling,
You feel stuck in a whirlwind of emotions,
With nobody to listen or care for a moment,
It is a pain so real you can reach out and touch it,
You need no one to offer solutions,
Just a listening ear and an empathizing smile,
Again you will know if it is fake or vile,
That is why it is a peril I say,
To be a thinker, overly passionate.

[If you could relate to this even a bit, probably you are one of those deep thinkers too!] :)

Thursday, September 8, 2016

The unused well

I am an unused well,
Located in a scenic range,
Wild flowers bloom all around,
There is lush green vegetation by my side,
By day, I am beautiful and tame,
Waiting to be captured in someone’s frame,
Penned into someone’s poetry,
Captivated in an author’s story,
Or brushed into an artist’s canvas.

By night, I am dark and murk,
In the darkness, evils lurk,
Snakes and scorpions aren’t the lot,
Dangers stem even from scary thoughts,
I stand a mute witness to night and day,
But I was not always this way,
Not long ago there were people,
Who came to me every day,
Their conversations, laughter, voices still echo,
In my deep, still waters,
I have water, but it rots,
My walls are crumbling, there is moss,
Tadpoles and fishes swim about,
Clouding my sparkling waters and past clout,
I see the full moon once a month,
But she doesn’t want to see herself in my murk,
I am an unused well,

I don’t know if I will see any change.

Sunday, August 28, 2016

The Significant Stranger

The blush on her face looked so beautiful,
It was not just the make-up,
He stood a few feet away from her,
Everywhere she went, every time she turned,
She felt him close.

The party progressed,
He was now inches away,
Every time she looked up, their eyes met,
The dance floor was on fire,
She smiled to herself.

People were drunk, craziness was about,
She was high on dance,
Lost in music, unaware of the world,
They danced on,
When someone knocked her,
She fell back,
She turned to say sorry,
All she saw was his smile,
All that she could do was blush.

Now they faced each other,
And danced on,
All that mattered was now,
They synced their moves,
And danced like there was no tomorrow.

The whole evening went by,
She didn't even know,
The music ended, People left,
They exchanged a silent parting nod,
The hope of meeting soon,
The promise of a significant stranger,
The memory of a well-spent evening,
And yes, that smile...


It is not the kind of pain you feel when you get cut, burnt or bruised,
It is a rock solid wall all around you that traps you in,
It is so real, you are convinced you can touch it,
More so painful because it is difficult to prove,
You shout, hit, collide and weep against the wall,
But it doesn’t budge,
You are a prisoner of your own thoughts.

Memories haunt you like ghosts,
Mirage of water in an endless desert,
They cannot quench, only leave you yearning for more,
Your past does not exist; you do not see a future,
And there is no ‘now’ in this bare cell of yours,
A prison of rock solid walls,
Made of your thoughts.

People say it is nothing,
Just a wall of thoughts,
It is all in your head,
I try to believe them,
I walk out of my solitary prison,
Into the dark tunnels of doubt,
Inching through the long passage,
At the first turn, several daggers of ‘What-ifs’ come flying at me,
I can’t bear the onslaught,
I run down the dark tunnel,
Back to my solitude,
A prison with high rock walls,

Made of my thoughts.

Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Tiny Tales 2

"A break-up is so painful!!! :( "
"You just got a chance to fall  in love all over again!!! :D"
- So I thought as I set my favourite song on replay....!

Monday, June 6, 2016

World Environment Day aka Human Conservation Day

Yesterday as I woke up and drew my curtains apart, I noticed the scenery outside had somehow changed. It took me a minute to realize that two healthy, green and big Almond (Badam) trees were missing. I ran out to see what happened. Just the usual, somebody wanted to construct a house on the empty plot and had uprooted the trees to make way.

I have failed to understand why trees, which would anyway be near the compound, or the front or rear part of the house  are cut down, as a plan can be easily made to circumvent them. And then these trees were not useless also, they regularly gave fruits. Any tree for that matter, even if not fruits, would definitely provide oxygen and shade. There are two small trees at the bus stop from where our office bus picks us up every morning; around 20-30 of us crowd under those for shade every day. As famously said,

“Everyone wants to park in the shade, but no one wants to plant a tree.”

In my PG, sometimes, unnecessary lights are kept burning. Girls forget to switch off the geyser or fan. Even with constant reminders, some refuse to turn off appliances and their explanation-“I pay for it, I can use as much as I like.” “Oh yes! You could, only if our power reserves were unlimited.” But that isn’t the case. Power is currently obtained using coal and water, both of which are available in very limited quantities.

The same applies to water usage. A tanker fills up our sump and in two days, around 20000 liter of water is used up. Try telling people that we can’t afford such usage. I bet the answer you would get is “I can pay more”. Have you ever thought how would you buy water if it did not exist? “Not exist!!! That’s just ridiculous. We know that can’t happen”. Oh yes, not that it would cease to exist, but it would exist in unusable forms- like polluted lakes & river bodies, salt water in oceans, groundwater way below 100 feet depth. What would we do then?

Somehow, there is a notion in our head that once we have money, we can buy everything else. If there is scarcity of something, all that it would take is more money to get it. But this is true only till the tipping point, beyond which what we actually want will not be around anymore. Will we eat and drink money then?

There is one other argument that even if all this were to happen, it wouldn’t happen anytime soon. “I won’t suffer, so why should I care”. Is it really so? The droughts, floods, weather changes, extreme heat and extreme cold that have already been occurring- they are clearly the signs of climate change. If this summer you had a tough time getting water tankers or if you witnessed the floods in Chennai last year, you know you are already a victim of climate change. It is not a ‘future thing’ anymore, it is here and it is real.

Nature has been around for millions of years and will continue to be so. It has always evolved and adapted to the changes. But we humans are frail and cannot evolve to keep pace with nature. Ideally all these campaigns should be called ‘Human Conservation Clubs’, not nature clubs. Because if we keep violating nature, it is us who will be destroyed, not nature! So, what do you we about it? If you were thinking of joining the next poster campaign, wait a moment. Before you start preaching, check if you are practicing the essentials. Get one or two plants and take good care of them, switch off your appliances/gadgets when not in use, use minimal water for all purposes, feed a few stray animals, ensure your vehicles are conditioned and within pollution limits. If you think all this is in place move on and tell a few more people to do the same because, it is always the small things that matter.

Sunday, April 17, 2016

Love is not the opposite of hate!

In primary school were antonyms taught,
Every word has a negative counterpart,
Happy × Distraught, Impure × Chaste,
A more basic one was Love × Hate.

Let’s take some time off,
To check if this is true or false,
Is hate really the opposite of love?
It needs a search in hearts’ alcove.

People’s expressions are not the same,
Every love is not simple and tame,
Starting with the need to possess,
A few have a tendency to obsess.

Obsession is a dangerous trait,
The object of love becomes your bait,
Pushing you down into hell’s fire pit,
Where emotions take a direct hit.

Admiration to start with, then intense like,
Obsession over every text, sound and sight,
No human could ever reciprocate,
Such excessive care and faith.

Obviously all hell breaks loose,
As the obsessed lover feels overlooked,
Lack of respect and absence of need,
From the object of love makes the heart bleed.

Energy spent on obsession turns to hate,
The need to hurt and enmity surface,
An obsessed lover is at the receiving end,
Reassurance he needs, confidence he pretends,
A once devout friend becomes a sworn foe,
Such is the nature of a hurt ego’s woe.

Love is the one untouched by spite,
When hurt, it cries for respite,
Whatever be the pain, it endures,
Love is the truest and most pure.

Even if revenge is what you seek,
Your ego may be satisfied deep,
However a small voice unseen,
Would wish all this had never been,
Such is the nature of love, so chaste,
Definitely, it is not the opposite of hate.

(Though these thoughts had been lying scattered around in my mind for long, I was inspired to put pen to paper after watching the movie ‘FAN’) J

Sunday, March 20, 2016

Water - The Nectar

Among the solar system’s planets nine,
What makes life on Earth fine?
What is it that Earth has,
That all other planets lack?

H2O to some, water to all,
Names several, but the role is tall,
Quencher, pacifier, purifier of life,
Can calm down a mental strife.

Ocean to cloud to drop to ocean,
The cycle goes on in dispassion,
Mother Earth knows its significance,
She stores it out of her benevolence.

The nectar from Mother Earth’s bosom,
Feeding all, making lives blossom,
Planets, animals, humans and insects,
All are equal, is her mindset.

But man thinks he is the special child,
Beaming along with intellectual pride,
Assuming the world runs as he deems fit,
Forgetting that each should get his bit.

Resources might be renewable, alright,
Lakes and rivers don’t fill up overnight,
As all scientific evidences lead,
Nature can fulfill our need, not greed.

Let us pledge to do our part,
Conserve water, make a start,
Act before we drain it bare,

For Earth, our home, is shared.

Monday, February 29, 2016

Terribly tiny tales

"Why did you leave her?" Someone asked.
"Because I always wanted her to have the best of everything", He replied.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

I am...

A poised self,
Cool and controlled,
The nourisher, the provider,
The source and support of life,
For resources there is no dearth,
I am Earth.

Under my cool composure,
Burns the fire of passion,
A constructive fury,
Against any injustice
The moulding smolder shall never tire,
I am Fire.

With chiming speech,
A Bright and cheerful face,
And light-footed swift pace,
The pleasant spring breeze,
Bouncing along from flower to leaf,
I am Wind.

In me is all truth, Free from sins,
Like a pure mirror that reflects,
The reliever of all diseases,
The rejuvenator of the world,
Stealing hearts, the honest looter,
I am Water.

The vast expanse that is me,
All within imagination, and beyond,
Limitless and yet contained,
Both within and without,
Teaching humanity to fly,
I am Sky.

The smile of an infant,
The faith of a believer,
The courage of a warrior,
The purity of a raindrop,
The unknown, unseen living force,
I am the Soul.

I am the sun’s radiance, the moon’s pearly light,
The stars’ twinkle, the misty twilight,
The best of the five elements,
Driven by the unshakeable soul,
I am their synergy, I am whole.