Monday, February 29, 2016

Terribly tiny tales

"Why did you leave her?" Someone asked.
"Because I always wanted her to have the best of everything", He replied.

Sunday, February 14, 2016

I am...

A poised self,
Cool and controlled,
The nourisher, the provider,
The source and support of life,
For resources there is no dearth,
I am Earth.

Under my cool composure,
Burns the fire of passion,
A constructive fury,
Against any injustice
The moulding smolder shall never tire,
I am Fire.

With chiming speech,
A Bright and cheerful face,
And light-footed swift pace,
The pleasant spring breeze,
Bouncing along from flower to leaf,
I am Wind.

In me is all truth, Free from sins,
Like a pure mirror that reflects,
The reliever of all diseases,
The rejuvenator of the world,
Stealing hearts, the honest looter,
I am Water.

The vast expanse that is me,
All within imagination, and beyond,
Limitless and yet contained,
Both within and without,
Teaching humanity to fly,
I am Sky.

The smile of an infant,
The faith of a believer,
The courage of a warrior,
The purity of a raindrop,
The unknown, unseen living force,
I am the Soul.

I am the sun’s radiance, the moon’s pearly light,
The stars’ twinkle, the misty twilight,
The best of the five elements,
Driven by the unshakeable soul,
I am their synergy, I am whole.