Sunday, March 20, 2016

Water - The Nectar

Among the solar system’s planets nine,
What makes life on Earth fine?
What is it that Earth has,
That all other planets lack?

H2O to some, water to all,
Names several, but the role is tall,
Quencher, pacifier, purifier of life,
Can calm down a mental strife.

Ocean to cloud to drop to ocean,
The cycle goes on in dispassion,
Mother Earth knows its significance,
She stores it out of her benevolence.

The nectar from Mother Earth’s bosom,
Feeding all, making lives blossom,
Planets, animals, humans and insects,
All are equal, is her mindset.

But man thinks he is the special child,
Beaming along with intellectual pride,
Assuming the world runs as he deems fit,
Forgetting that each should get his bit.

Resources might be renewable, alright,
Lakes and rivers don’t fill up overnight,
As all scientific evidences lead,
Nature can fulfill our need, not greed.

Let us pledge to do our part,
Conserve water, make a start,
Act before we drain it bare,

For Earth, our home, is shared.