Sunday, April 17, 2016

Love is not the opposite of hate!

In primary school were antonyms taught,
Every word has a negative counterpart,
Happy × Distraught, Impure × Chaste,
A more basic one was Love × Hate.

Let’s take some time off,
To check if this is true or false,
Is hate really the opposite of love?
It needs a search in hearts’ alcove.

People’s expressions are not the same,
Every love is not simple and tame,
Starting with the need to possess,
A few have a tendency to obsess.

Obsession is a dangerous trait,
The object of love becomes your bait,
Pushing you down into hell’s fire pit,
Where emotions take a direct hit.

Admiration to start with, then intense like,
Obsession over every text, sound and sight,
No human could ever reciprocate,
Such excessive care and faith.

Obviously all hell breaks loose,
As the obsessed lover feels overlooked,
Lack of respect and absence of need,
From the object of love makes the heart bleed.

Energy spent on obsession turns to hate,
The need to hurt and enmity surface,
An obsessed lover is at the receiving end,
Reassurance he needs, confidence he pretends,
A once devout friend becomes a sworn foe,
Such is the nature of a hurt ego’s woe.

Love is the one untouched by spite,
When hurt, it cries for respite,
Whatever be the pain, it endures,
Love is the truest and most pure.

Even if revenge is what you seek,
Your ego may be satisfied deep,
However a small voice unseen,
Would wish all this had never been,
Such is the nature of love, so chaste,
Definitely, it is not the opposite of hate.

(Though these thoughts had been lying scattered around in my mind for long, I was inspired to put pen to paper after watching the movie ‘FAN’) J