Tuesday, September 20, 2016

Mai Kisi Ki Khwahish Nahin, Zaroorat Banna Chahti Hoon (I want not to be someone's desire, but their need)

It is a precarious role,
To be someone’s desire,
For desires surge and go down,
You may be able to lead them onto unused paths,
You may weave a magic web around,
You might keep them intoxicated in your thoughts,
You may exert your influence,
You might be pampered, you might be held in awe,
You might be worshipped, you might be always looked for,
But desires are always precarious.

You need to be just out of reach,
Too way ahead might turn them down in hopelessness,
Too close might turn them off in victory,
And above all, you aren’t a thing,
Don’t you have wishes of your own?
How long could you be someone’s desire and hold your fort,
Your insecurity of losing your charm forcing you to walk head held high,
Suppressing your own emotional needs,
There’s a point when everybody needs a landing ground,
A beloved’s arms to run into when you feel down,
The need to love truly and be loved in return,
Come what may, rain or sun,
It might be fanciful to be everybody’s desired,
But any day it is worthier to be just one’s dear.


(A thought that sprang in my mind after watching Ae Dil Hai Mushkil song - There is a single line dialogue which is just the reverse of the essence of this post) #Bulleya

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