Thursday, September 15, 2016

Not easy

It is not easy,
To love someone and to lose,
It is not fair,
To love someone who has a special someone else,
It is not feasible,
To keep the pain down, act as if it is nothing,
It is quite impossible,
To not let the love show through when I think of your face,
There must be a way out,
Of this apparent dead end,
Not just a dead end, it is a dead corner,
A steel box,
No way out I see, back or forth,
I sit inside, crying, howling,
Calling out for help,
Soon I realize nobody is coming,
My howls become whimpers,
Whimpers of pain and desperation,
I get tired and fall asleep,
I awake in a while,
To find the box still around,
It drives me crazy,
I cry again,
I cry till it my energy drains,
My heart numbs out,
I quietly reminisce on the past,
And then I see your face,

It starts all over…

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