Friday, September 9, 2016

Perils of being passionate

It is a pain to be passionate,
Passionate in your feelings, thoughts and deeds,
To feel things so well and so deep,
It hurts to even fathom the depth,
Even more so when there is no one to understand,
The level to which you can think and feel,
Hardly do people perceive,
A passionate person’s energy and zeal,
It is not just the enthusiasm to do a job,
It is also when you come across someone’s sob,
When you empathize so much with their gloom,
That you take it to be your own,
When you promise to finish a task,
You move mountains to make it last,
When there is a beautiful conversation,
You could swear it created a sensation,
In that deep ocean of your mind,
You hate unfinished talks,
They haunt you and you re-analyze every word,
Your creative mind comes up with infinite possibilities,
Of what could have been and might it have meant,
Did they really feel so or did you overthink?
Thoughts run at a billion per second,
The world is too slow, fake and unfeeling,
Nobody cares for your deep thoughts unreeling,
You feel stuck in a whirlwind of emotions,
With nobody to listen or care for a moment,
It is a pain so real you can reach out and touch it,
You need no one to offer solutions,
Just a listening ear and an empathizing smile,
Again you will know if it is fake or vile,
That is why it is a peril I say,
To be a thinker, overly passionate.

[If you could relate to this even a bit, probably you are one of those deep thinkers too!] :)


  1. /Again you will know if it is fake or vile,
    That is why it is a peril I say,/ Guess it's this thought that pushes one into a shell, to not openly talk about the issues they face. Are deep thinkers also usually Cynics ?

  2. Not necessarily so. The portrayal is about the inability of people to understand deep thinkers' thoughts and empathise. More often it is inability and not selfishness, that is what makes it more painful.