Sunday, September 25, 2016

Why doesn't the well dry up?

Why doesn't the well of emotions dry up?

In spite of knowing the pain of putting too much trust,
Too much love and too much hope,
The well of emotions is like a self-renewing well,
That keeps getting refilled whatever be the amount of water drawn out,
The well has seen wastage of its water,
Misuse and ill treatment,
Its waters are used not only by the good and deserving,
Miscreants and crooks also have access,
The well still goes on,
Doesn't prevent anyone from gaining access to its resources,
Unable to choose the people who have access to it,
The well might wish to dry itself up,
But there is an undying source of water,
That fills it up every time there is a lowering in level,
What should the well do,

Why doesn't it just dry up!!!

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