Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Honesty and Courage

How underrated are honesty and courage as virtues!!!
How many can stand up to for what they believe is right?
Warriors take pride in courage in the face of their enemies…
But fighting what you don’t like is just the easiest thing to do,

Confronting what you like because you don’t think it is going right,
People go around thinking honesty is their birthright,
Idiots, have you ever lived up to it yourself?
Do you know the level of pain and courage it takes…

Demons in the world are not elsewhere,
They are in the heart, in the form of insecurities,
If you do not acknowledge them and confront them, they will swallow you whole,
The biggest cheats are those who lie to themselves,
In the process putting others in trouble,
Nobody lives happily ever after,
Unfortunately, these are not what our education/society/system teaches,
Let today pass, tomorrow I shall deal as it comes,
No! You cannot…
Your today’s actions have already made tomorrow slightly tougher to deal with,
The more tomorrows pass, the more inertia you have created,
Act now, Acknowledge now, fight now,
Let alone the world, be honest to yourself,
Don’t dare call yourself honest until you have accepted yourself to your own, (does anyone understand that?!
Without fighting your inner demons, you are not even halfway true,
I wish I could shout, flare up and swear,
But how does it matter, you are just not there, (no, nobody is there…)

If something is yours, it will be yours whatever may pass,
Else, it was never yours from the start,
Accept and move on.

Like Sherlock’s sister, I am a lone child,
Stuck on a plane with virtue-dead people,
I know it is going to crash soon,
No world, no planet can sustain such stupidity and lack of thought,
Oh yes, if you didn’t know, lack of virtues can kill your race,
Greed and envy have already set their pace,
Nobody is ever going to understand,
Death and destruction are the only fitting ends,

And that is peaceful too.

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