Saturday, March 18, 2017

Hopes shattered

The pain is never going to end?

I am stuck in an endless nightmare,
In the narrow alleys of my mind...

Neither of us can't compromise on our honest selves,
We need to sort out our thoughts to make this happen,

There is no time limit on mind games and sorting out stuff in the head,
But apparently everything else has a time limit,

Why didn't I just decide, "What a moron!" when I first heard your voice,
Why did it have to continue even so much,
Why did we have to feel so comfortable with each other,
Like friends since ages past,

It's like I am stuck in a dark room made of stone,
There is no outlet,
I look at another prospect,
Even as my thoughts are completely stuck around us,
And the possibilities of what could have been,
It is not love that was broken,
It is hope that was shattered,
And that is worse.

You came along and showed me hope does exist in the world,
For broken hearts like mine,
There was solace in your calm conviction,
In the shared vision,
In the quiet understanding
In the absolute words of trust,

I let my wounds surface in the hope of getting them treated,
Maybe a little too early,
But who really gets to choose,
The heart makes its own decisions.
The wounds got cut a little deeper,
It is bleeding again,
I don't know how to heal,
Why doesn't it bleed till there is no more blood
And then there would be peace,
But I am too hopeful for that,
Your words resonate in my head,
'The future is interesting'
I am not sure how,
But I wish it is...

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