Friday, March 31, 2017

The lost toy (boy)?

Rinu was sent to the park everyday,
Her parents wanted her to make friends,
Children of her age were having fun,
Easy friendships, frolic under the sun,
It wasn't an easy task for her,
She was so choosy and took forever,
Hardly did one match up to her taste,
Previously, she had a toy that had gone to waste,
Till that was around, she never needed a friend,
She adored it all day and night,
Not even sure whether it was worth the pain,
Recently it had broken, she threw it away,
Quite heavy hearted, she had fallen prey,
To sorrow and despair on losing her dear,
In her was a new fear,
Nobody would understand her well ever,
She was not a girl of sugar and spice,
And all things nice,
She was a little of every flavour,
Ups and downs, she equally favoured,
Life was for her a great mix to savour,
Pushing someone to see this view was painful labour,
Until one day she went to the park,
Saw a thin guy standing by the sidewalk,
He looked shy and yet experienced,
In the job of making compulsory friends,
Rinu went up and asked his name,
Vini was it, he sweetly exclaimed,
It reminded her of Winnie the pooh,
She liked his modesty and put him on review,
They sat down on the park bench,
Spoke till either of them unclenched,
It was really easy for both,
Their conversations kept on their growth,
It was getting late, they decided to meet again,
Just as all was good, Rinu asked something disdain,
"Did you ever have a toy, I lost mine sometime back",
This put Vini on thinking track,
"I had a doll too, I lost it here",
His smile just disappeared,
He got up and went down the sidewalk,
Unable to decide whether he wanted the doll,
Was it gone, was it ever to be found,
Undecidedly, he looked at the ground,
"Let's not meet again, I need to look for my doll",
Saying so, he went ahead on his stroll,
Rinu didn't know what to say,
Deep down she wished he would stay,
But she couldn't have him still looking for the doll,
It would be better if he could accept it was gone,
If he would find it back, she would be happy for him,
She knew the pain of losing one's whim,
But dolls generally do not return once lost,
This was seen from her experience past,
Her toy was broken and could never be fixed,
Maybe such things were bewitched,
Anyhow, she looked down the path,
Down which Vini had walked,
Maybe he would choose to return someday,
Till then in her thought, they were friends astray,
Even if he were to never return,
She knew in her innocence,
Though short, it was a friendship deep,
She could feel his soul weep,
The pain was easy to identify,
She felt they could easily beatify,
each other's lives...
In the meantime, she had to make new friends,
This was her parents concept of making amends,
for the lost toy...

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