Tuesday, March 7, 2017

The summer breeze

It was a hot, stuffy summer day,
As I went about doing my chores,
Up to the terrace to get my clothes,
There was an unexpected flow,
Of a cool summer breeze,
It made me glow,
With a forgotten ease,
It danced by my hair,
Blew my curls wild,
Carrying with it the scent of jasmine,
It intoxicated me mild,
As I sat and revelled in pleasure,
I was carried away by a definite measure,
I observed the clouds take shape,
Infant, bull and turtle - what did they indicate?

After a few minutes of peace, my mind played its game,
A small amount of doubt can put contentment to shame,
Not long ago, there was a winter wind,
Cool, chill and lovely at first,
The breeze turned into a cloud burst,
A spectacular cyclone emerged,
Destroyed everything in its path,
Was this also another such, I thought,
Was this really about to bring peace?
Or would it simply leave...
Increasing the scorching summer's heat...?!

Only time will tell.........

- Dedicated to the 'City of Stars' soundtrack from 'La La Land'

"Who knows, Is this the start of something wonderful,
Or one more dream that I cannot make true?"

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