Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Women's day at the cost of men?

Women's day is a big thing all over the world. Governments, corporates and most institutions in general observe it. Observing it is alright, sometimes, I feel if in the process of being good to our women, are we unconsciously being  unfair to the men.

If you have been in buses in India, you would know that one entire side of seats is generally reserved for women. The other side is general. So, many times, I have seen ladies take the gents' seat, but if the vice versa happens, it would create a ruckus. Well, this is just a starter. There are many bigger issues.

A women can complain of harassment and everybody will be there to support her. By default, it is believed that she is saying the truth. However, this may not always be the case. Sometimes, genuinely the woman might be at fault. After all, we are all humans.

I read recently that there are a lot of men who commit suicide unable to put up with their gender stereotypical roles. They need to earn for the family - for this they sometimes put up with jobs that they don't really like doing. Quitting a job and being a homemaker is considered an option for a girl, not for a man.

There is a belief, boys are not supposed to cry, actually they cannot show any signs of weakness at all. This is not fair to our men. Why can't we accept them as fellow human beings and understand that they might be sensitive too...

As with all reservations, it is good to have privileges for the weaker section, but until a point. After that, let us understand that there is only one species- humans. Let us respect each other and live and let live.

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