Monday, April 24, 2017

Face the storm

A sneeze, a cough or a mild cold,
People apply for sick leaves, bold,
Physical discomfort, a weeny bit,
Lying on the bed, "I'm unfit".

Then there are days of extreme lows,
A painful word, breakup or blow,
A hurt in the heart,  a physical loss,
Your mind is out for a toss.

While physical pain is easy to accept,
People care for with love and respect,
Mental pain is often looked down upon,
The victims are disregarded and scorned.

Physically ill people are asked to take rest,
Mental illness is ignored at best,
The most striking I have heard,
"All of it is just in your head."

What people fail to understand,
A pain is a pain, either brand,
In fact, sometimes, a pain in the heart,
Can be more crippling than what the body can impart.

Unaware of the truth, people shy away,
From saying that their heart is astray,
They believe that true strength is in putting up a mask,
And working when their world is falling apart, brings them glory to bask.

Success comes, they believe, after the pain,
Might be true, sunshine after the rain,
Accept the pain, but do get it treated,
You don't have to contain it, don't feel defeated.

Tears are not just for the weak,
Don't believe them,
You are allowed to feel bleak,
Emotions these, from the heart they stem.

If you have ever loved and lost,
Vested hopes on a plan storm-tost,
Felt that your life just went by,
Rest assured, there's nothing to be shy,
It is absolutely fine to cry,
Weep until your tears run dry.

Seek help from family, solace from friends,
Don't fake strength in self-defense,
There's no need of a mask, nothing to defend,
All go through this, it is almost a trend.

It is just another illness, we have doctors around,
Be not alone, problems may compound,
And for those of us who meet such friends,
Try to listen, else, at least don't offend,
If not some warmth, don't get too cold,
One loose comment might magnify the misery multi fold.

There is another aspect to the story,
Taking shortcuts brings no glory,
Chocolates may help, shopping might be close,
Addiction and drug abuse are your foes.

The storm has struck, your boat is sinking,
Swim or die, hardly time for procrastinating,
Crib, cry, run around like headless chicken,
Ask for help, talk, bring out the dirty linen,
Just don't pop in a pill and say,
I'll do it tomorrow, let me forget today.

Yes, it is difficult, a challenge, maybe unfair,
But life has thrown in your way, a dare,
Face the storm, acknowledge it with pride,
It is an opportunity to swim against the tide.

Someday in the future, the dots shall connect,
Till then, keep patience, try not to fret,
When people ask how you got wet,
Don't cover up saying in the sea you bathed,
No one escapes a storm unscathed.

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