Sunday, May 21, 2017

Choose a donkey?!

To me it is a dream, an ambition, a fairy tale,
If you thought it was just as much as choosing a donkey,
"A donkey whom I like"??!!!
I am sorry, I am not the one for it..
You might have done that,
But that is your life,
This is mine, and I care far more,
I could be alone and not bat an eye,
But I am not living with any 'donkey'

I have known love,
I know the vast potential of a wedlock,
I have seen a promise of what could be,
To me it is a beautiful partnership,
A permanent roommate,
A best friend,
A partner in crime,
Not any "pet donkey"..

People hardly appeal to me,
And I have lost my dearest because of some of your criteria,
When you had conditions, I tried to live by them,
Now when I have a few,
Does it look like I am simply biding time to you?

Maybe it is just my fate,
I have to wait,
I shall, one needs to try,
I live in my timeline, not in yours,
Don't give me your donkey stories.

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