Thursday, May 25, 2017

If I told you...

If I told you this was only gonna hurt
If I warned you that the fire's gonna burn
Would you walk in? Would you let me do it first?
Do it all in the name of love
Would you let me lead you even when you're blind?
In the darkness, in the middle of the night
In the silence, when there's no one by your side
Would you call in the name of love?
If I told you we could bathe in all the lights
Would you rise up, come and meet me in the sky?
Would you trust me when you're jumping from the heights?
Would you fall in the name of love?
When there's madness, when there's poison in your head
When the sadness leaves you broken in your bed
I will hold you in the depths of your despair
And it's all in the name of love

- In the name of Love (Martin Garrix and Bebe Rexha)

For some reason, the lyrics of this song strike a chord deep down. This is almost all of what I would have said... And then some more...

If I told you we both build each other,
A little of each, more so together,
If I am Pikachu, you are my Pikapii,
We are good alone, together our awesomeness is legendary,

Will you stand up, give me some energy,
Together, we strike a synergy,
We form such a beautiful team,
What one thinks is already the other's dream.

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