Monday, June 12, 2017

Love - Give and take

All that the world is ever truly after is Love. People might disagree and say it is money or fame or greatness. But all these are just the means, the means that are believed to attract true love and appreciation in our lives. A great achiever needs at least a man to tell him he is great, a person with money would realize soon that without a purpose, all of his money is meaningless.

To experience true love, one should be a giver... A giver of love, because love is something that you can truly, warmly experience only when you give it away. Give it away and it will let you glow, bask in its warmth, bathe in its glory. 

"Love is something that you give it away, It just comes back to you,
It is just like a magic penny, hold it tight, you won't have any, It just comes back to you!"

Last evening, I suddenly remembered a friend from college on seeing something on social media. It had been long since we had spoken and I immediately texted him. Coincidentally, he had remembered me the same morning on seeing the same post. I felt a moment of pure, open love and true connection. With some people, there is just no feeling of 'Let him/her call me first'. Instead it is, 'Even if you try running away from me, I will find you!' 

What brings about this difference? 

Probably it is just that in one case you want to be cared for and in the other case you actually care. As soon as there is a 'want', there is an expectation that someone/something should happen to you. Clearly, anything apart from your actions are out of your control and hence there is no guarantee that this 'want' would be fulfilled. This results in grief. However, in the second case, where you want to give away the care, it is easy. Your actions are under your control and you can do exactly what you set out to. This is way much easier and achievable.

Is it then wrong to have any expectation of love at all? Well, there is nothing wrong or right in love and war. All that I am saying is that having an expectation is definitely risky and would sooner or later result in pain and sorrow. As it is said,

'Sometimes, just sometimes, when people say forever, they mean it,
Sometimes, just sometimes, when people make promises, they keep it..'

You may decide for yourself which one you want to opt for. But let me remind you, Lord Krishna asked us to abstain from expectations in the Bhagavad Gita and He was definitely an intelligent man... :)

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